A Brief History of the Band



"Hey Jan, want some students?"

It all started with four adult students, two from classes offered in the Tamalpais High School Adult Education program in the early 80's. Week after week the intrepid quartet slogged through exercises and simple tunes. Like all pioneers, the going was rough - the first "Flashers"  had no one to listen to but Jan and each other and going was slow!

Eventually, however, we were joined by others - new and somewhat experienced, and the ball began rolling in earnest.

Jan still contends that what she said was '"Whatever comes naturally out of the work we're doing is fine with me." This philosophy, while refined to meet the needs of a growing band, has never altered significantly.
The band's doors continue to remain open and the level of challenge is determined by the individual. Support and instruction are available to assist each member to achieve his or her goal.

Through trial and error the band began to grow in size and quality of sound.
Kilts were ordered in the Ancient Hunting Mackintosh.


The Macintosh Pipe Band is a nonprofit organization, classified by the IRS under the code 501(c)(3),
and is funded solely through appearance fees, donations and member dues.

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Your generous donations enable us to purchase uniforms and equipment.
All donations are considered a "charitable donation".